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Additional Services

Debit Card Activation
For Triangle FCU Visa® Debit Card activation call 1-800-290-7893 and follow instructions given by the automated system.

Debit Card Pin Set
To set or reset your pin for your Triangle FCU Visa Debit Card call 1-800-757-9848 and follow instructions given by the automated system.

Payroll Deductions
Have funds deposited directly from your paycheck to any Triangle savings account you choose. This is a great way to save!

Direct Deposit (ACH)
Have your paycheck deposited directly to your triangle checking account. You'll enjoy faster access to your funds, and you won't have to worry about depositing paper checks! Fill out this printable form and bring it by to sign up for this service.

Wire Services
We offer domestic wire services at affordable prices for our members. Ask at the branch nearest you about this convenient service.

Wiring Instructions to Triangle Federal Credit Union
Wire to:
VolCorp Credit Union
Nashville, TN
Routing & Transit #: 264 182 395

Further Credit:
Triangle Federal Credit Union
Account #: 284 283 261
Final Credit: Member's Name on Account
Member's Account Number

Wire In Fees
Incoming Wire Fee $10.00

Wire Out Fees
Outgoing Wire Fee $20.00
Outgoing Wire Cutoff 1:00 P.M. CST

Teller Services
  • Cashier Checks $5 each
  • Free notary service for members
  • Family memberships
  • TFCU Check Cashing Fee (non-member cashing a TFCU check) $10.00 per check